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What to do with unwanted gold

Unwanted GoldFor people struggling to make ends meet or looking to scrape some money together for a holiday forget car boot sales and washing cars, the unwanted gold locked away in the drawer of your dressing table could be one of the ways to earn extra money. The price of gold has been at its peak recently because of a number of different factors. One factor is the weak US Dollar and threat of inflation which traditionally sees investors look to their tried and tested “safe haven” of gold as way to protect their money. Another factor is the very low interest saving rates currently being offered by banks pushing people to look for profitable and low-risk investments like gold.

Where to sell unwanted gold

Jewellers and pawnbrokers

There has never been a better time to sell unwanted gold jewellery or gold bullion coins. The question is where to sell gold jewellery that you no longer want. When people think about selling gold jewellery one option they usually go for is a high street jewellers or a pawnbrokers but these don’t offer a comfortable environment nor the best prices.


However, there are now a number of other businesses, like PartyCash4Gold, looking to buy gold scrap and unwanted gold jewellery from people and will then melt it down and refine it. Since PartyCash4Gold is not looking to sell unwanted gold jewellery to another customer, we can offer you a price based on the actual gold content of the item and current gold bullion prices. In addition to gold jewellery and gold scrap, we buy gold bullions coins like Krugerrands and American Gold Eagles, dental gold and gold bars.

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