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History of the gold Krugerrand coin?

Gold KrugerrandThe South African gold Krugerrand coin has been in production since 1967 in an attempt to market South African gold. Depending on the current gold market price, gold coins such as the Krugerrand are worth a lot more than their actual face value. It can be used as legal tender which means that it can be exported to other countries without any taxes on it. The Krugerrand was also the first coin to contain one troy ounce of gold. It was originally sold at 5% premium over the value of the gold, which continues today for orders for over 100 pieces and around 10% for single pieces.

The Krugerrand and other gold coins

American Gold Eagle

The Gold Krugerrand was first produced in the 1967 it was not available in many countries until the mid-nineties because of the ban on South African Products due to Apartheid which ended in 1994. It is reported that since 1967 over 54 million Krugerrands have been produced which roughly works out at 42 million ounces of gold. The South African Mint has since started to mint smaller coins such as the 1/10,1/4 and 1/2 ounce. The one ounce Krugerrands have remained popular with investors due to the low premiums unlike the smaller coins which generally have higher premiums. The gold Krugerrand coin was certainly the first of its kind and led to several other national mints soon following in their footsteps. The American Gold Eagle was first minted in 1986 and was offered in the same denominations as the gold Krugerrand. The American Eagle gold coin prices are generally equal to the current price of gold and the American government actually guarantees the gold weights of the coins and the gold comes solely from American mines. The gold coin features Liberty as designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and is a much more attractive coin than the Krugerrand. The American gold mint also produces Gold Eagles in silver and platinum. The silver and platinum coins have enjoyed similar success to the American gold Eagle since their launch in 1986 and 1997 respectively.

British Britannia

First produced in 1987, the gold Britannia coin weighing one troy ounce has a face value of 100 pounds but its intrinsic value is far greater depending on the current price of gold. The Royal Mint also produces a number of other coins such as the Silver Britannia Coin and the Gold Sovereign Coin. There are a number of other gold bullion coins you can collect such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Mexican Libertad, the Chinese Panda and the French Napoleon.

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