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What are carats and what do they define?

24k GoldCarats define how pure a piece of gold is. The higher the caratage, the more pure the piece of gold will be. Typically, jewellery is made with a minimum of 9k in the UK, and a maximum of 24k gold. Items that are in this range include gold chains, gold rings, gold bracelets, gold bangles, gold necklaces, gold brooches, gold badges, gold pins, gold watches, gold pendants, gold charms, gold links and gold earrings. Gold must be mixed with other alloys to add protection to its rather soft consistency. It is generally mixed with copper. Most gold jewellery is made with a caratage of 22k, however antique gold jewellery, items typically have a lower caratage of 18k, resulting in a distinct brassy colour. This is due to higher percentage of mixed alloys.

How can I sell my 24k gold?

PartyCash4Gold not only will evaluate your gold based on its fineness, weight and purity, but they will send you the cash within 24 hours of the evaluation. PartyCash4Gold will then melt and refine your obsolete gold products, while you receive the cash. It’s very simple – send us your unwanted and broken gold and you will receive cash. PartyCash4Gold offers you an easy way to earn some extra money.

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