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Not Every Gold Item is Destined to be for Eternity

Gold JewelleryNew gold jewellery always looks bright and shiny, but after time passes it starts to look dull. Then they quickly lose their perceived value and become less special. After a while one may have accumulated a vast collection of this dull gold jewellery. But what if you could get a nice amount of cash for these useless pieces of hold jewellery?

Get Cash for your Unwanted Gold Jewellery!

As a Gold buyer, PartyCash4Gold is looking to buy gold scrap, bracelet gold or any other sort of gold jewellery to melt, refine and sell on. Fill out our form or call us right now to order a free gold kit so that you can send us your gold jewellery fully insured and free of charge. PartyCash4Gold will send you a cheque or transfer your money within 24 hours after professional evaluation of your gold jewellery. We evaluate your items based on purity and weight of the gold it contains. There is no obligation for you if you decide to reject the valuation. If you are not happy with our offer, we are happy to return the gold items to you, no obligation. For full information, please refer to our terms and conditions

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