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What does a 375 gold rating mean?

375 GoldDid you ever noticed a stamp on an item of gold jewellery that reads 375? This refers to the percentage of pure gold contained in that item of jewellery. In this case, the percentage is 37.5%. In the UK and Europe, an item of 375 gold quality can also be described as 9k gold. 375 gold is the UK minimum for any item of gold jewellery. In other countries the minimum varies between 333 gold (8k) and 417 gold (10k). An item that is marked with 750 will therefore have 18k of gold, and an item with 990 or 999 will be pure gold, or 24k gold.

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Items that typically contain a 375 gold purity

There is a significant variety of gold jewellery products on the market today, and each are available in varying levels of gold purity. Some examples which can contain a 375 gold purity include gold chains, gold rings, gold earrings, gold medallions, gold coins, gold links, gold bracelets, gold bangles, gold brooches, gold badges, gold pins, gold watches, and gold charms. The purity of gold is stamped onto the item of jewellery by the manufacturer, alongside a hallmark which indicates that the metal has been tested for quality and that it conforms to the legal standards set out. The hallmark is represented by a letter which correlates to the year that the item was made.

Unwanted 375 gold jewellery

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