How to Sell Gold Coins

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Where to sell gold coins?

gold_coinsThere are a number of ways to go about sell gold coins. One thing to keep in mind when considering how to sell gold coins is the gold content of the coin. A gold bullion coin like an American Gold Eagle has an exact gold content guaranteed by the American government and it is therefore straightforward to work out the value of your coin based on the market price of gold bullion. If, however, the gold content of your coin is unclear, some dealers may try to pull the wool over your eyes by telling you that the carat is in fact lower than it really is. The best and most reliable way to sell your gold coins would be to send them off to PartyCash4Gold.

How to sell your gold coins to PartyCash4Gold

Gold bullion coins

PartyCash4Gold offers the easiest and most efficient solution to the question of how to sell gold coins. Simply request a free insured gold kit from the website and post your gold to us. PartyCash4Gold will then value your gold and send you a payment within the next 24 hours. There is no obligation for you if you decide to reject the valuation. If you are not happy with our offer, we are happy to return the gold items to you, no obligation. For full information, please refer to our terms and conditions. In addition to gold coins PartyCash4Gold will buy your gold bracelets, rings, dental gold and gold bars.

Different types of coins

There are two types of coins, commemorative or bullion coins and coins struck for circulation. Generally it is the gold bullion coins that have the highest value. Probably one of the best known gold bullion coins is the South African gold Krugerrand, which was the first gold coin to weigh one troy ounce of 22 carat gold. Other gold bullion coins include the British Britannia and Sovereign, the American Gold Eagle and Austrian Gold Philharmonic. The price of Krugerrands and other gold bullion coins generally depends on the market value of gold. The price may also depend on the age, the number originally produced and the design quality of the coin. Krugerrands are the most popular coins for buyers because they generally have the lowest premium on top of the intrinsic value of the coin. When the Krugerrand was first struck in the 1960s it’s typical premium was 3% whereas other bullion coins of the time like the Sovereign had premiums of around 40%. Since then other mint’s have reduced their premiums to around 10%. Some mints have started to produce silver and platinum coins like American Silver Eagles. If you are still thinking about how to sell gold coins then why not try PartyCash4Gold today

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