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What is a Gold Bar?

gold barActually, the technical term here is ingot, which is just the name for any sort of material that has been cast into a bar like shape to make it more easily processable. Whenever gold needs to be commercially stored or traded, it is much easier to be in ingot form.

Production Methods of Gold Bars

A Gold bar can be cast or minted. These are two different gold bar production methods. Melting means to melt the Gold and pour it into an ingot mould which gives it the commonly recognized shape of a gold bar. A minted gold bar is minted from a hand cut block of gold from a larger piece of solid gold.

How heavy is a gold bar?

Gold bars, whether minted or cast, come in all sorts of different weights, shapes and categories. Gold bullion bars can have various weights and dimensions; it really depends on the requirements. The most well known gold bar shape that you might buy from the bank is the “400 ounce London Good Delivery” bar. These Gold Bars weigh 12.44kg.

What does it say on a real gold bar?

Gold bars are usually marked with their weight, their carat and the symbol of the gold producer. Recently, gold bars have become a lot smaller (ingots of a few grams) and put in a sealed and certified package. The value of a gold bar depends entirely on its weight and its purity (carat). Click here to read more about gold carat.

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