How to Sell Gold

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What gold items might I be able to sell?

how to sell goldThe list of items that you can sell to get cash for gold is virtually endless. Gold has been fashioned into an infinite number of shapes and items. Jewellery items that you might be able to sell include: gold rings, gold bracelets, gold bangles, gold necklaces, gold chains, gold broaches, gold badges, gold pins, gold watches, gold links, gold charms, gold pendants and gold earrings.

What is the best way to sell my gold?

Traditionally, the only way to sell your gold items was to sell gold to a jewellers or pawnbrokers who often have to cover significant high-street expenses. Today, there is a much more simple way to sell your gold – by contacting PartyCash4Gold who offer a fast and secure service. Also, because PartyCash4Gold buys any gold, this offers the opportunity to sell broken gold, damaged gold, or gold in less than perfect condition without affecting the amount of cash you receive for your items. We evaluate your items solely based on weight and purity of gold contained in them.

How to sell gold to Partycash4Gold

All you have to do is sign up for a free gold kit. Post old or unused gold items like gold bracelets, gold chains, gold coins, gold bullions to PartyCash4Gold in the insured gold kit envelope. PartyCash4Gold will evaluate your gold items then contact you regarding a proposed price. The process is also insured and there is a 100% Satisfaction or return back Guarantee. There is no obligation for you if you decide to reject the valuation. If you are not happy with our offer, we are happy to return the gold items to you, no obligation. For full information, please refer to our terms and conditions

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