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We are always seeking motivated people who would like to work for our company. You will be trained to work as a Gold Party Valuer, organise and service gold parties in your region on our b ...Read More

Gold Parties

What are Gold Parties? Invite your friends, ask them to bring all of their unwanted gold, silver and platinum - broken necklaces, earrings, gifts from ex’s, or things that they know ...Read More

Gold Buyers

What is scrap gold? Gold scrap can be anything from broken gold bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings to chains, gold watch cases and even dental gold. The best t ...Read More

Ways to Earn Extra Money

We are always wondering about ways to earn extra money to be able to make ends meet, to buy something we need, or simply to splash out on something we’ve wanted for a while. It is understa ...Read More

Dental Gold

PartyCash4Gold will buy your dental gold If you are wondering what to do with any unwanted dental gold, then ensure you consider PartyCash4Gold as a quick and easy way to earn some extra mo ...Read More

375 Gold

What does a 375 gold rating mean? Did you ever noticed a stamp on an item of gold jewellery that reads 375? This refers to the percentage of pure gold contained in that item of jeweller ...Read More

24k Gold

What are carats and what do they define? Carats define how pure a piece of gold is. The higher the caratage, the more pure the piece of gold will be. Typically, jewellery is made with a ...Read More

White Gold Jewellery

White gold Pure gold is generally too soft to make jewellery from and is consequently combined with other metals to make different alloys, which in turn alters the colour of the gold. This ...Read More

Unwanted Gold

What to do with unwanted gold For people struggling to make ends meet or looking to scrape some money together for a holiday forget car boot sales and washing cars, the unwanted gold lo ...Read More

Sell Silver

Why sell silver? As the appeal gold bullion has increased in recent times so too has the popularity of silver. Many experts are predicting the scarcity of silver to further increase due ...Read More

Platinum Coins

Why platinum? Many investors see platinum as an ideal precious metal to add to their investment portfolio given its rarity and variety of uses. For example around 5 million troy ounces are ...Read More

Make Money

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How to Sell Gold Coins

Where to sell gold coins? There are a number of ways to go about sell gold coins. One thing to keep in mind when considering how to sell gold coins is the gold content of the coin. A go ...Read More

Gold Krugerrand

History of the gold Krugerrand coin? The South African gold Krugerrand coin has been in production since 1967 in an attempt to market South African gold. Depending on the current gold marke ...Read More

How to Sell Gold

What gold items might I be able to sell? The list of items that you can sell to get cash for gold is virtually endless. Gold has been fashioned into an infinite number of shapes and items. ...Read More

Gold Bar

What is a Gold Bar? Actually, the technical term here is ingot, which is just the name for any sort of material that has been cast into a bar like shape to make it more easily processab ...Read More

Buying Gold

Why are companies buying gold? In the current economic climate, there are a number of companies buying gold. But why is gold in such high demand? Gold is a precious metal in constant demand ...Read More

Broken Gold

What items may be Broken Gold? Broken gold can be classed as any item that is no longer in its original condition. In terms of gold jewellery this might include broken gold links, damaged g ...Read More

What 22 CT?

Different forms of gold carat: The carat (karat) of gold is the purity of the gold contained in any item. In any gold item the gold will be mixed with base metals in order to make it robust ...Read More

Gold Jewellery

Not Every Gold Item is Destined to be for Eternity New gold jewellery always looks bright and shiny, but after time passes it starts to look dull. Then they quickly lose their perceived val ...Read More

Selling Gold Coins

Selling gold coins fast and securely If you are thinking about selling old gold coins, PartyCash4Gold offers the fastest method to do so. Once you order a gold kit from PartyCash4Gold, you ...Read More

Sell My Gold

Why should I sell my gold? If you have old or broken gold jewellery that you no longer use, why not turn your gold into cash? Think of all of the things you could do with the extra cash fro ...Read More

Scrap Gold

What is Scrap Gold? Scrap gold is referred to as re-usable leftovers from gold processing. Even when not crafted into a ring or a necklace, gold is still worth a lot more than you think, an ...Read More

Gold Bracelet

Had Enough of your old gold bracelet? One day your gold bracelet might have been the latest design on the market but now you really don't feel like you want to be seen wearing an outdated s ...Read More

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Posted By: PartyCash4Gold on May 26, 2010 in PartyCash4Gold

Job Search UKWe are always seeking motivated people who would like to work for our company. You will be trained to work as a Gold Party Valuer, organise and service gold parties in your region on our behalf .With an opportunity to earn significant levels of commission and be involved in one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

Please send an enquiry with your CV to

(no previous experience in the precious metals industry required, but candidates must be motivated and presentable and over 18 years old – UK only at this time)

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