What 22 CT?

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Different forms of gold carat:

22 caratThe carat (karat) of gold is the purity of the gold contained in any item. In any gold item the gold will be mixed with base metals in order to make it robust enough for shaping and use. Gold items with a carat value are most frequently used to form gold jewellery and gold bullion. Bullion is often determined by its purity, or carat, and needs to conform to a minimum carat rating in order to be considered gold bullion.

22 ct is the most well known carat purity

Most common carat contents:

Whilst purity ranges from 1 carat to 24 carats, the most common carats for general use are 9 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat (UK) and 10 carat (karat), 15 carat (karat), 20 carat (karat) and 24 carat (karat) (US). Most gold items in these ranges will be gold jewellery including gold rings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, and gold earrings amongst others. In the UK the minimum carat that gold is sold in is 9ct and this is probably the most prevalent purity rating throughout the country. Whereas in many South Asian countries, such as India, 22ct gold is most common. 22ct gold is also preferred and popular in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

Origin of the word Carat

Carat is currently known as a unit of measure of purity for gold alloys, for example your gold jewellery may be 22ct gold giving it a purity of 91.66%. The word carat derives from the Greek “fruit of the carob” referencing the carob seeds that were used on precision scales to measure the weight of gold and precious stones in ancient times. In South Asia however 22ctand even 24ct gold is more popular and more widely available than in the U.K. The reason for this is that gold jewellery are essential accessories for Indian brides, this makes the demand for higher quality gold very high in this region.

Abbreviations of carat:

Carat, Ct, Ct., C, Karat, Kt., Kt, K, 22, 22k, 22/22k, Chuk Kam. The hallmark showing the carat grade is usually somewhere inconspicuous like the inside of a ring or in the case of a 24k gold chain the hallmark can be found on the back of the clasp. The hallmark is just a small seal containing the grade info in either carat (1-24) or in finesse (1-1000 or .1-.999). Note that some authentic gold jewellery may not be hallmarked depending on the country. At the same time, there are forged items which bear official looking stamps. There are a few way to tell if your gold jewellery is worth its weight in gold or did you buy scrap gold?. For a simple way of finding the true worth of your gold simply send for a free gold kit from PartyCash4Gold. Within days you will have an evaluation of your items and could have cash in your hands to if you agree to sell old gold to PartyCash4Gold.

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