White Gold Jewellery

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White gold

White GoldPure gold is generally too soft to make jewellery from and is consequently combined with other metals to make different alloys, which in turn alters the colour of the gold. This is why gold jewellery is never made from pure 24k gold but usually from a lesser carat. By alloying gold with different metals it is possible to turn it green, red and white. However, it is worth noting that white gold jewellery is generally not white but rather a shade of grey, which is often plated with rhodium to make it appear white. To produce a white gold alloy gold is mainly combined with nickel and palladium.

Types of white gold jewellery

In recent years, however, it has been discovered that nickel can cause an allergic reaction upon contact with the skin and as a result nickel is used in much smaller quantities and palladium has become the main white gold metal. Other metals such as copper and silver are also used in different amounts in the production of white gold. White gold is used to make a variety of different types of jewellery such as white gold bracelets, wedding rings, necklaces, or earrings and usually comes in 9 and 18 carat. White gold jewellery first became popular in the 1920s as an alternative to expensive platinum jewellery and has become more fashionable in recent times.

Selling gold jewellery

When selling gold jewellery there are a few things to keep in mind, in particular the carat of the gold. As said before white gold jewellery usually comes in 9 and 18 carat and the higher the gold content the more it’s worth. Partycash4Gold provides the most efficient and reliable service to sell gold jewellery. We buy all kinds of gold jewellery, whether it is in good condition or broken as well as gold bullion coins, bars and dental gold .

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