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Why sell silver?

Sell SilverAs the appeal gold bullion has increased in recent times so too has the popularity of silver. Many experts are predicting the scarcity of silver to further increase due to investors buying silver, increased demand from manufacturers and it’s variety of uses. Silver nitrates and halides are used prominently in photography in colour film and sterling silver is used in the manufacture of jewellery and silverware. Silver is also used in dentistry, currency, mirrors and optics and in medicine.

Where to sell silver

It is always a good idea to sell silver. It doesn’t matter whether it is silver jewellery in perfect condition, a silver serving set, silver eagles or silver bars, We buy silver and any gold bullion coins such as like gold Sovereigns and gold Krugerrands. By selling your gold, you may get enough money to pay overdue bills or even stop window shopping and go on a proper shopping spree. Even if you are selling silver jewellery that is broken, you may also have a gold item that PartyCash4Gold will buy to then melt down and refine the item.

How PartyCash4Gold works

PartyCash4Gold will buy gold and silver jewellery whether it is in perfect condition or broken. Just send in your unwanted gold and your silver jewellery or coins. For Silver and Gold, use the free insured gold kit for sending and after valuing your items, we will send you a payment within 24 hours. We will also buy dental gold and gold bars

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