Gold Parties

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What are Gold Parties?

Gold PartiesInvite your friends, ask them to bring all of their unwanted gold, silver and platinum – broken necklaces, earrings, gifts from ex’s, or things that they know they’ll never wear again. You and your guests will be paid great prices for your unwanted jewellery, and have a great time talking about how you’re going to spend all that money.

How it Works

You may be wondering exactly what happens at a Gold Party!

PartyCash4Gold will send an expert gold valuer to your home, business or charity event about 45 minutes prior to your event.

They will set up gold testing equipment in an area that you have determined best suited for the process. Our gold party valuer will test and weigh your gold and then make each of you an offer. Every guest will have their own opportunity to have the value of their gold assessed. It’s that easy!

Remember the most important thing is to have fun! We understand that parting with jewellery can sometimes be a difficult decision and our valuers are highly trained professionals. Please let your guests know that there will be absolutely NO pressure to sell. We simply make an offer. The choice to sell will be totally up to them !

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that you and your guests will be paid the best prices for your gold. PartyCash4Gold pay much more than the prices offered by pawn shops! And the experience is a lot more enjoyable!

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