Charities and Fundraisers – Do Good with Your Old Gold!

Earn Extra Money !

Be Your own Boss and Work from Home

Are you interested to earn extra money or longer term income ? You can now become part of the UK's biggest Gold Party company, be self employed and work the way you want with PartyCash4Gold.

Become a Gold Party Valuer and we will train you and help you generate Gold Parties which you will attend and receive commission for all the gold and other precious metals that you buy for us.

How It Works

If you are over 18 years old, motivated and presentable and live in the United Kingdom we are seeking your services to work for our company. You will be trained to work as a Gold Party Valuer and organise and service gold parties in your area on our behalf. We will provide you all the tools of the trade worth over £1,000 which includes the latest electronic gold testing equipment and latest Apple iPads which provide the valuation of items and allow you to make offers to your customers.

You will be equipped with the latest promotional offers that PartyCash4Gold has to offer its gold party Hostesses to help you find Hostesses interested to host Gold Parties. These include contribution to entertainment costs, special event promotions and free gifts such as champagne and even free cash !

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Why PartyCash4Gold?

  • PartyCash4Gold fits in with you and your lifestyle
  • PartyCash4Gold work is exciting and rewarding
  • PartyCash4Gold is the UK's leading Gold Party Company
  • PartyCash4Gold offers the best remuneration in the industry
  • PartyCash4Gold provides you with the latest technology
What's in it for Me?

PartyCash4Gold offers the best remuneration and working conditions in the Gold Party industry.
  • Get paid even when on your training programme
  • Market leading commissions unmatched in the Gold party Industry
  • Choose Your own Hours that suit you
  • Successful parties lead to numerous "referrals" meaning continuous work
  • Be Your Own Boss and develop your own sales team for higher reward!

As a Gold Party Valuer for partycash4Gold you have the best support team in the industry.
  • Management team to support you with over 40 years combined experience
  • A business behind you which turns over £50 million per year
  • A business which provides you all the promotional materials and back up you need
  • A business which has 24 hours customer service and support
How To Apply?

It’s easy – just click on the link below and send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, we will have one of our management team contact you immediately to discuss the roles and opportunities in more detail and send you a draft agreement to have a look at. If you are motivated and presentable we want to hear from you, meet you and have you join our team!

You can also contact us here

Success Stories

Sarah Brightman – Kent

“I needed to find a job that was flexible because I have young children and also help earn some extra cash. I’m now earning at least £2,000 extra every month being a PartyCash4Gold Valuer”

Vanessa Jones – London

“I can fit the work in around my full time job. I work as a Gold Valuer in the evenings and PartyCash4Gold have really looked after me to make sure I get the most out of the job. The referral work is fantastic, I organised my first party with 8 ladies selling their gold, and 5 of them wanted to host their own party and use me as their Gold Valuer – Brilliant “

Emily Parker – East Sussex

“I was really excited when I started training to become a Gold Valuer with PartyCash4Gold. I found the process of valuing gold really easy and I was soon up and running my own set of parties in East Sussex. Now I can schedule parties with Hostesses on my own and I’m earning very good commissions “

Peter Wilkinson– Harrogate

“I retired a few years ago but I live in a town where I have lots of friends who had heard about Partycash4Gold, so I applied to be a Gold Valuer. Now it gets me out of the house at least 3 times a week, I get to meet lots of interesting people and I feel like I have just found a whole new career”

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