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I Would Like to Host a Gold Party. What Do I Do?

If you are ready to have fun and make great money at the same time, give us a call to book your party today at our London office on FreePhone 0800 678 5002 or email us at We will explain how a party works and get you on your way to hosting your very own Gold Party.

Why Host a Gold Party?

You have the opportunity to sell some of your own old jewellery or scrap gold that is gathering dust while at the same time hosting a party for friends. Your friends will come to your house for a party and leave with extra cash in their pocket. We help with the cost of the party and you get 10% of what we buy. What could be better?!?

How Much Work is Involved in Hosting a Gold Party?

PartyCash4Gold provides you with the invitations that you just need to send them out to your friends via e-mail. The host/hostess has 100% discretion on the choice of food and/or drink for your gold party as well as any theme you might want to have for the party. If the party is big enough, PartyCash4Gold will also contribute £35 toward drink and food. We have previously hosted successful tea parties, wine tastings and themed parties. The choice is yours.

How Many People do I Need to Have a Successful Party?

The best results typically have come from parties between 10 and 20 people in size. We measure success by the amount of gold that is purchased by us during a party. If your friends have a lot of gold to sell, then your commission cheque will be much larger. Also, keep in mind, the 3% commissions you earn off the residual parties becomes much larger when you have more people booking gold parties after they attend yours.

How Long Does the Average Gold Party Last?

Each guest typically takes between 10 and 20 minutes to sort through their gold, test, weigh and be paid so the average party lasts between 2 and 3 hours. If you and your guests are having a great time, you can continue the party for as long as you want. Once we have met with each of your guests and completed our purchases, your PartyCash4Gold valuer will simply close up her equipment, write you a cheque for your commissions and leave, allowing you and your friends to continue your fun.

Private Appointments?

If you have gold that you or your friends wish to sell but are unable to host a party at your home you can contact us to make a private appointment to have your gold purchased at our offices. Please call FreePhone 0800 678 5002 or email to make a private appointment. You will still make great prices for your own gold and commission on any scrap gold that you bring on behalf of your friends.

Are There Any Incentives For Encouraging My Guests To Book Their Own Gold Party?

Yes ! Any party booked by a guest of your party will make money for you. PartyCash4Gold will pay you 3% commission on any party hosted by a guest of your party or referred to us by you directly.

How Much Does PartyCash4Gold Pay For Gold?

There are many factors that affect the amount you receive for your gold. Specifically, the most current "spot price" (London Fix Price), the physical weight of your gold and karat. Prior to your gold party, we will be happy to provide you with an average price per gram based on the market during the previous few weeks. This will generally be a good indicator of the prices to be paid at your party, but the specific prices will not be known until the day of the party, due to daily changes in the market for gold.

Do You Accept Jewellery That Has Stones In it?

PartyCash4Gold do buy pieces with stones. Unfortunately, we only buy gold, silver and platinum or palladium, and end up having to deduct the weight for a stone. Our representatives can sometimes remove the stones in your presence (subject to the owner signing a "release of liability" form), but we can not guarantee against damage so if you desire a stone for a specific reason, we recommend you have a professional jeweller remove the stone before selling your gold to us.

What if I Am Not Sure if Some Of My Jewellery is Real Gold?

We test and weigh everything in front of you. Bring your jewellery and we will help you make a determination of its value. We want everyone to be completely satisfied with the process so our representatives are there to help you determine the true value, based on gold content. Some true gold may have colour variations that will surprise you. On the other hand, some gold plated jewellery is done so well that you might think it is real when it actually turns out not to be. Either way, our trained experts will help you figure out the value of your gold.

What Happens to My Gold After PartyCash4Gold Buys it?

Your gold will be melted down, all precious metals will be reclaimed and the jewellery will be refined into pure gold.

What is Karat?

Karat (abbreviated Kt) is a measure of the quantity of gold in a piece of jewellery, or its fineness. 24 karat gold is pure gold and 12 karat gold contains approximately 50% gold mixed with other alloy metals (typically silver, copper, nickel, zinc, tin and manganese, depending on the colour).

What is "Spot Price"?

Spot price is the most current price of gold being sold in the commodities markets. PartyCash4Gold use the most current bid price quote from the well known metals trading site

How Will I be Paid?

For your safety and comfort, PartyCash4Gold pays for gold by cheque You benefit by receiving your payment for your precious metals immediately upon accepting our offer to purchase your jewellery.

Do I Need to Provide Any Form of Identification For Myself and My Guests?

We will require you as the host/hostess to provide us your National Insurance number and also request your guests to provide a form of identification (such as drivers license, current utility bill, passport) to protect the community against illegal sale and purchase of stolen goods. .

Can I only Host a Gold Party in my Home?

We have organized many successful gold parties with the owners of hairdressing salons, health clubs, golf clubs, pubs and clubs! - Hosting a Gold Party is a great way to get your customers coming back for repeat business and in these uncertain economic times, everyone wins!

Do PartyCash4Gold Work with Charity Organisations?

We are already helping Charities across the country! PartyCash4Gold can help you organise a pure gold party for your contributors. As the host, the charity will receive 10% of the pay out, and, in addition the charity will receive 5% commission from parties booked at their event!

What Type of Party Should I Organise?

The choice is yours! - Whatever you feel comfortable with is what makes a great party, Here are some examples of previously hosted parties: - Afternoon tea parties, James Bond "Goldfinger" themed party, early evening drinks party, "pre clubbing"Saturday night party, dinner parties, "Golden Girls" party, we have even sent one of our representatives to a party on a boat!

Are your payouts higher than pawnshops?

Yes. We did a survey and PartyCash4Gold pays up to a third more than any pawnshop.

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