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PartyCash4Gold is a division of Expert Refining Ltd (Co Reg: 07599075). We have an exclusive relationship with Star Refining Limited of London who are main line refiners to a host of manufacturing industries around the world. For over 22 years Star has served the refining needs of blue chip and household-known companies along with government agencies at home and overseas.

PartyCash4Gold management team combines over 40 years of international business experience in high profile roles to ensure the business is managed to the highest professional standards.

By selling your precious metals to us, you are benefitting from the knowledge and expertise that makes PartyCash4Gold stand out amongst its competitors. You can enjoy total peace of mind dealing with a reputable UK-based international organization with over $100M in revenues in 2008.

Precious metal prices have reached record highs. Now is the time to sell your unwanted or broken jewellery (or anything else that contains precious metal) at a premium. PartyCash4Gold will buy your old jewellery at the very best prices you can achieve

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