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Selling gold coins fast and securely

Gold CoinIf you are thinking about selling old gold coins, PartyCash4Gold offers the fastest method to do so. Once you order a gold kit from PartyCash4Gold, you can get cash for your gold in no time. Not only does PartyCash4Gold offer an extremely fast way to sell gold coins, but the process is secure and insured and with the 100% Satisfaction or return back Guarantee. There is no obligation for you if you decide to reject the valuation. If you are not happy with our offer, we are happy to return the gold items to you, no obligation. For full information, please refer to our terms and conditions

Famous gold coins

Gold coins fall into 2 categories, collectors’ coins and bullion coins. There are many famous types of bullion coin such as the British Sovereign, the South African Gold Krugerrand and the American Silver Eagle coins coins. The oldest of these coins is the British Sovereign which was first issued in 1489 under the direction of King Henry VIII and is still in use today. New sovereigns contain 22ct gold and weigh in at just under 8g, but interestingly the weight and size reduce over time as the coins are used and worn down. However, perhaps the most famous gold coins of all were not British but American and Canadian. The largest gold coin on record was struck by the Royal Canadian Mint weighing 100kg with a value of $1 million. Even more impressively, a 1933 American Double Eagle gold coin sold for over $7.5 million at Sotheby’s in 2002 and is the most valuable coin ever sold.

Collectors Value

Consider collectors Value When Selling gold Coins

Gold bullion coins are normally only valued by the gold content and are an excellent way to make cash for gold. Collector’s coins are slightly different and are not only valuable due to the gold content of the coin, but also due to the date, location and design. You should determine which category your gold coins fall into before selling your gold coins.

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